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Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson I used to listen to a lot of 5by5 podcasts back in the day—Build and Analyze, The Talk Show, Hypercritical, Back to Work. (Funny how Merlin Mann of all people is the only one still doing this gig.) John Siracusa's shows often went over my head (me not being a master programmer and all), but his two-parter on Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs was a masterstroke that even I could understand.

Basically Siracusa claims that Isaacson was not the right man for the job. Now I don't know a whole lot about how to write a great biography, and maybe J-Sir doesn't either, but his criticisms are nonetheless quite valid. Isaacson apparently isn't the biggest tech guru in the game, which makes him a weird choice. I guess I'm interested to see how off Isaacson is and to compare my thoughts with Siracusa's.

Last year I was sure somebody would give me this for my birthday, but nobody did. Perhaps I'll have to buy it myself. Maybe if I can get through the rest of the books on my shelf.