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The New Answers Book: Over 25 Questions on Creation / Evolution and the Bible - Ken Ham What a horrid book The Answers Book is. Ken Ham is a scientist (actually, he only has a bachelor's in applied science, so perhaps scientist is presumptuous) who believes the Earth was created six thousand years ago. Warning: that makes little sense to anyone who knows anything about cosmology. If the distant starlight theory were actually correct, then God would be pulling the wool over our eyes—essentially tricking us into thinking that the Earth is millions of years old. And to what end? Doesn't sound anything like God to me.

This isn't a one-time thing: rather than use evidence to build a case for God, Ham and Co. repeatedly shoehorn God into any and every possible scientific "uncertainty" that's cropped up in the past fifty years. The God of the Gaps might make for interesting theology, but it's certainly not compelling science.

Sure, I have a few problems with evolution, but I don't write books about how it's BS propagated by those darn scientists to trick us into denouncing God or something. This is not a book that promises reasonable debate in that regard. Sure, I think there's a God out there somewhere, but I definitely don't believe that Planet Earth was created a couple thousand years ago or that evolution is a bucket of lies, and I think that The Answers Book is doing God (if he exists) a huge disservice.