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Listen for the Singing

Listen for the Singing - Jean Little Listen for the Singing did little to further my literary development. The title itself smacks of emotionalism (which is never a good sign) and the book wasn't much better.

The story follows a girl named Anna, who's studying in high school. I imagine there was some rudimentary plot or conflict; however, it certainly hasn't stuck in my memory. I remember only two things from the book:


1) Anna's older brother joins the Navy. While serving on a ship somewhere, he gets corrosive chemicals in his eyes and is blinded for life. This happens near the end of the novel, which makes it an Obligatory Sappy Moment Designed To Impart Forcefully The Moral Of The Story.

2) Anna's teacher (or principal, or some other male father figure; pick your favourite) counsels Anna amid her emotional strife at hearing the news from 1). Said father figure's wisom is basically "Even if life sucks, listen for the singing."


It's not that I hated the book; it's just that I didn't really find anything to love.