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Zone - Marcel Dubé One of those not-terribly-convincing plays you read in high school and then promptly forget due to its blandness. (I had to sit down and think for a minute to remember what year I even read Zone or who my teacher was.)

Zone follows a few young friends as they smuggle cigarettes into (or out of; I can't really remember) Québec. The set-up is very stereotypically 'adolescent'—the young people in this story act and talk an awful lot like adults' conception of teenagers. There's a typical romantic subplot which builds to some sort of tragedy, although I can't be bothered to even try and remember how corny it was.

The best part about plays is actually performing them, and I quite enjoyed playing the bit part of the police detective in our class's impromptu 'production'. Destined for a career in the movies, perhaps?