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Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently - Marcus Buckingham Only Marcus Buckingham (author of such hits as First, Break all the Rules) could have written something like this. Well, maybe not only him, but he certainly brings the unique Buckingham Touchâ„¢ in this latest outing.

What are the world's happiest women doing differently? (Differently than whom, one might ask.) What are the world's most successful women doing differently? Apparently, they're being more happy and more successful than other women. So if you want to be happy and successful like them, you should be more happy and successful. Like them.

At this point you may very well be cursing Marcus Buckingham's name and screaming "But how?" to the heavens. Turns out the answer's very simple: (and yet it took 263 pages for Mr. Buckingham to explain... ) do things you're good at, because they make you happier and more successful. Just think how unhappy and unsuccessful women would be without these wise words. On the other hand, I was much happier before I picked this book up. Maybe the truth ain't that simple, Marcus.

I'm hoping his next book is entitled Con Man: How to Sell Large Quantities of Your Non-Fiction Motivational Book to Unsuspecting Strangers. Now there's something that would make me happier and more successful.